Sarah Serna,

Age 28

Height: 5’1

Weight: 115 (contest) 122 (off-season)

Measurements: 34-24-33


A.F.A.A Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, SERNAfit, LLC, offering one-on-one and online personal training and contest prep programs


Competitive Career:

2013 NPC Missouri State Championships, 2nd Place, Open Figure A

2013 NPC St. Louis Midwest Championships Overall Figure Champion

2013 Magazine FIT USA finalist

2012 BodySpace Spokes-Model semi-finalist

2011 INFB Ramstein, Germany Invitational Overall Figure Champion

I am an army veteran and current army wife, mother or 2 girls (5 yrs & 14 months), full time college student (6 classes from my BA in American history) and personal trainer. I had always admired the women in fitness magazines, and in 2011 finally committed to a competition; this began my fitness journey. Every day I strive to be better, and am continuously setting new goals in order to always progress with my training.

I absolutely LOVE training clients; I am able to use my experience and knowledge to help others on their fitness journey; it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of someone’s transformation! There is nothing more fulfilling than to be able to motivate people simply by doing what I love, aside from raisin my girls, of course! My 5 year old is already learning the ropes of healthy eating and exercise and I feel the example we set at parents is extremely important in this regard.

We are all busy people; we all have lives outside of the gym and our fitness goals, but if it’s important, we make time to do what we have to. The achievement we make in our fitness lives carry over in to all other aspects of our life, I believe. My journey had made me better wife, mother and friend. It has made me stronger, more resilient and confident.

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