3 Tips on Achieving a Hardcore Physique


Many people hit the gym everyday inspired to achieve a hardcore physique. A physique most would say seems unnatural. If thats the look you want, It’s vital that you train hard to get it. The main key besides training hard is to provide the body with the proper fuel and regeneration.

Here’s my tips


Make sure you plan out your meals and prepare them ahead of time. Be sure to get a form of protein in every three hours. Eating enough macronutrients of protein,carbohydrates and fats for your body weight. Staying consistent with your meals, this will be key to achieving your goals without cheating all your hard work in the gym.


Sleep is very important. The body needs rest and recovery. During sleep, the body goes through regeneration process of all its organs. More sleep equals less stress hormones, which decreases Cortisol levels, which keeps the body muscle tissue. If you don’t get enough sleep, don’t think about gaining an ounce of lean muscle.


Water is over 75 percent of the body. You need water to achieve any fitness goal, whether you are losing or gaining, muscle make up is mostly water. Water cleans out body toxins and reduces sodium levels. Also, helps distributes essential nutrients to cells, such as minerals, vitamins and glucose.

Hardcore physique means hardcore discipline!

By Mr. FitBiz

Top 5 Reasons People Do Not Succeed in Fitness Goals

1) Pain

If you can’t work through pain, you will not work yourself to a better body. Most people do not like pain, and will do anything to avoid the burn. Pain is the reason most people stop working out completely. Remember, NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

2) Family and Friends

Family and friends can be the biggest help or biggest hindrance, because they are closest to you. It boils down to whether or not you want to listen to what they are saying. Take the good and the bad that family and friends can influence upon your daily habits (the gym being a good habit). Let negativity be ignored, and feed off the positive things that they can provide.

3) Nutrition

Working out alone does not cut it. Nutrition is of utmost importance to becoming a healthy person. You can workout all day, but if your nutrition is not sound, you will not gain any benefit from the hard work you put in at the gym. So word to the wise, you are what you eat.

4) Time Management

When you’re busy, time management is important. Staying in good health should be top priority in your life. People give so many excuses that they are too busy with work, school or home and don’t have time to workout. Make it a priority to plan time to workout. Give yourself the time and love you deserve.

5) Lack of Motivation

When people don’t see results quickly, they lose motivation. They tell themselves that it’s not working, because they don’t see immediate change. Lack of motivation can cause a quick setback in the gym. Results are not achieved overnight. Keep your mind on the prize.

Don’t let these things stop you from achieving your goals.

By Mr. FitBiz