Gwen Fuerte

Gwen trains beastie and hits the weights like a force of nature.  Each day is a new battle against yesterday’s best efforts.  Every set, every meal, every rest period is thought out and strategized, carefully making the most out of every last bit of energy.  Her motto is that “Discipline is sacrificing what you want NOW for what you want MOST”.  She believes that if you expect more from yourself, you will get more, and that no goal is too high for the human will.

Like many competition bodybuilders, Gwen embodies the philosophy you have to go after your passions and work hard to motivate yourself; that in order to find success you can’t sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you, but have to work relentlessly towards your goals and put yourself on a pathway that will lead to success.

After her start in bodybuilding only three years ago, Gwen has been invited to compete in the 2014 Arnold Amateur, and is training to dominate the stage next March.  She plans on bringing the full package and wowing the Columbus, OH audience with an entertaining eyeful of feminine symmetry balanced with her decidedly classic posing style.  A win on the Arnold stage will launch her career as one of the hottest new IFBB pro-bodybuilders.

Face Book:                                                                 ‘Body Space’:                              gfuerte

Age: 35                 Height: 5’3”                        Past Stage Weight: 142 lbs           Target Stage Weight: 157 lbs

2013 NPC Mid-Illinois National Qualifier                                              2013 NPC Hawkeye Classic National Qualifier

Winner – Women’s Heavyweight Bodybuilding                                  Winner – Women’s Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Winner – Women’s Masters Bodybuilding                                            Winner – Overall Women’s Champion

Winner – Overall Women’s Champion


Awarded “Fitness Amateur of the Week” by, September 2013: