Set a fitness goal and stay committed.

Set a fitness goal and stay committed. ~Without a plan, we plan to fail.
Everyone wants to get in shape but what are your reasons for getting fit? Maybe your doctor told you need to lose weight or maybe you have a High School reunion to attend where you want to wow your class mates. Whatever your reason for getting fit, you have to have to a plan in place. Without a plan, we plan to fail. Here are some steps to create a plan and help reach your goals.
Set your fitness goal. 
(short term & long term) In order to reach your fitness goals, you must have a goal in mind. Maybe your goal is to lose 50 pounds by next year. That would be a long term goal. Now you need to set a more attainable goal. Break that down and say I would like to lose 4-6 pounds by the end of the month. By having a smaller attainable goal in mind you will become less discouraged and see yourself reaching your goals. 
Stay consistent. 
In order for you to progress and see results, you need to stay committed to your daily routine. You cannot expect to see results if you only do part time work. Lay out a schedule and follow it. When things are written down on a calendar you are more likely to stick to it. Think of going to the gym as an important meeting. You wouldn’t skip out on the boss if you had a scheduled appointment. So why would you skip out on the scheduled gym appointment? Another thing I recommend is having a set schedule. If you know that you exercise each day at 5:00 PM, you are more likely to go. It will become a habit after 21 days and part of your daily routine.
When you are motivated you will work harder & longer. Here are a few things to consider before lacing up the shoes.
Music- The right tunes can be a great tool to give us a little push to get ourselves moving. Research confirms that the right music can distract you from discomfort, elevate your mood, increase your endurance and reduce your perceived exercise effort. It may even promote metabolic activity (i.e., help you burn more calories). 
Personal Trainer Having a qualified personal trainer will help you reach your goals faster & safer. You will learn a wide variety of exercises with emphasis on good form. They will teach you how to eat for life and keep you accountable. 
Workout Partner- If you don’t have extra cash for a trainer, find a workout buddy. This keeps the both of you motivated and you will have fun in the meantime. Workouts are planned out ahead of time and you know exactly when and where you are working out. You are more likely to stick to schedule knowing someone is waiting and counting on you.
Reward yourself for reaching your goals- This can be a fun way to motivate yourself. You could reward yourself with a new pair of running shoes, workout clothes or any other thing that motivates you. Maybe you allow yourself a night out with a scheduled cheat meal.
Think about your goals and write them down. Learn to keep them short and attainable. Stay committed! Find ways to keep you motivated towards reaching your goals. Once you reach your goal, reward yourself! Then it’s time to make a new goal.

~Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other. ~Walter Elliot